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Ransomware Readiness Workshop


Sayers offers an assessment designed to help individuals and organizations prepare for a potential ransomware attack.



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This workshop covers a range of topics and best practices to help participants understand the risks and consequences of a ransomware attack, and how to mitigate those risks.


The Workshop Covers a Wide Range of Topics, Including:

1. Overview of Ransomware
2. Threat Landscape
3. Risk Assessment
4. Best Practices for Prevention
5. Incident Response Planning
6. Recovery Strategies
7. Legal Considerations


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Prevention is the first line of defense against any type of breach, specifically ransomware. A prevention strategy might include anything from human behavior, identity & access management, to an extensive set of security policies.


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If the unthinkable happens and a breach does occur, early detection can mean the difference between just an incident or being covered on the 6 o’clock news. Consistent and thorough evaluation of all threat detection technology and processes is a necessity.

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So, what’s next? How do you identify a breach? Can you manage reputation? Response goes far beyond your standard monitoring and alerts. Company-wide incident response plans should be in place and rehearsed to address containment and eradication of a breach.





Lastly, we review the recovery strategy. Whether it’s data or financial recovery, your ability to protect organizational assets and continue to operate your business in spite of a breach is critical, not just to a successful incident mitigation strategy, but, for your survival.


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Thinking About the Workshop?

The Ransomware Readiness Workshop is an important services for anyone concerned about the risks of a ransomware attack. A comprehensive overview of the threat landscape and best practices for prevention and recovery, this workshop can help individuals and organizations prepare for and mitigate the risks of a ransomware attack.

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