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Digital Transformation Practice


Sayers takes a practical approach to digital transformation by developing a needs-based process that enables better business outcomes. We prioritize building a foundational infrastructure capable of supporting any technology and assist in identifying and implementing IoT solutions that advance your transformation strategy. 


Why Digital Transformation

Technological innovations have quickly become the solution to an increasing need for competitive advantage and better customer experiences. Our digital transformation practice works to advance that endeavor by supporting IT solutions that solve business objections.

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IoT Solutions

Transform the customer experience and gain a competitive edge with technology and data that informs operational decisions and boosts productivity.

Edge Technology

Compute, storage, wireless network, and software technology deployed close to sensor data sources to connect, collect, and process data in realtime.


On-prem infrastructure platforms designed to support the data analytics, container and machine learning technologies required for next-generation IoT workloads.


Exploiting cloud-based platforms and services to collect, learn, and take action on IoT sensor data.

Cloud Services

Fully capitalize on the benefits of cloud to support your digital transformation strategy.

Migration Services 

Assess, right-size, transform, and migrate on-prem workloads into Microsoft Azure, enabling businesses to accelerate through the adoption of next-generation machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


Services and technologies to ensure security policies and procedures are maintained and/or enhanced before adopting new cloud technologies.

IT Operations

Automation of critical IT operations such as business continuity, demand-based capacity utilization, monitoring, and remote workforce management.



Services for Every Step of the Journey

  • Access industry-leading IoT technologies that integrate and enhance IT initiatives.
  • Leverage technical experts to assess, deploy, and manage your IoT projects.
  • Assessment capabilities aligned with business outcomes that maximize your operational efficiency.

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Customized Solutions Make the Difference

Read how clients have made a tangible business impact with customized solutions designed and implemented by Sayers.


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