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Sayers offers an assessment designed to measure an organization's Disaster Recovery Maturity.



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Assess your Disaster Recovery Program based on the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Maturity Rating Scale. Our report provides the results of that scoring, along with recommendations of where additional attention could improve your disaster recovery program.


Additionally, some internal processes may be identified as an issue or as an area for improvement. The CMMI Maturity Rating Scale looks at processes and grades them along a continuum. Depending on where they fit into the Five Levels of Process Maturity.


The Five Levels of Process Maturity

Level 1

Initial/Ad Hoc - Not Well Defined or Ad Hoc.

Level 2

Developing/Managed - Established but inconsistent and incomplete.

Level 3

Defined - Formally established, documented, and repeatable.

Level 4

Quantitatively Managed - Managed using Qualitative and Quantitative Data to ensure alignment with business requirements.

Level 5

Optimizing - Qualitative and Quantitative Data is used to continually improve.

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Prevention is the first line of defense against any type of breach, specifically ransomware. A prevention strategy might include anything from human behavior, identity & access management, to an extensive set of security policies.


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If the unthinkable happens and a breach does occur, early detection can mean the difference between just an incident or being covered on the 6 o’clock news. Consistent and thorough evaluation of all threat detection technology and processes is a necessity.

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So, what’s next? How do you identify a breach? Can you manage reputation? Response goes far beyond your standard monitoring and alerts. Company-wide incident response plans should be in place and rehearsed to address containment and eradication of a breach.





Lastly, we review the recovery strategy. Whether it’s data or financial recovery, your ability to protect organizational assets and continue to operate your business in spite of a breach is critical, not just to a successful incident mitigation strategy, but, for your survival.


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Disaster Recovery Program Development


The Disaster Recovery Program Maturity Scorecard was developed to examine how far along businesses have evolved towards creating a more mature overall DR program.


To achieve this, the scorecard looks at three main aspects of Disaster Recovery Program development and asks the survey respondents to review the state of various subsets of data related to those aspects. Once the survey is completed, the answers are scored and analyzed. We then provide recommendations on how to achieve a higher maturity level.

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Defining Disaster Recovery Program Requirements

Defining the nature and scope of the Disaster Recovery program is a key first step in program development. This section looks at asset management and configuration management, as well as how well Business Impacts Assessments and Risk Management have been accounted for in creating Disaster Recovery plans.

Implementation of the Disaster Recovery Program

A properly implemented Disaster Recovery Program will not only have multiple sites for backups and avenues to recover that data, but it will also have complete and accurate documentation of how to execute those various sorts of recoveries.

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Maintenance of the Disaster Recovery Program

The third critical area to examine in determining the maturity of a DRP program is taking a look at program maintenance. Once the initial effort is put into creating plans, procedures, and other documentation, it is vital that that information is re-examined from time to time and updated to maintain currency.

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