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#CurioApril 2021

Virtual Tech Summit


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Our engineers have created concisely formatted sessions covering new and unique ways to build and securing enterprise IT. At the bottom of the screen, you can access all the presentations from this #CURIO event, as well as find a way to connect with our speakers.

John Linkous_CURIO April 2021
John Linkous_CURIO April 2021


Supply Chain Security: Who Will Watch the Watchers?

John Linkous 

Sr. Cybersecurity Consultant

John Linkous explains supply chain cybersecurity by diving into real-world examples of technology supply chain threats, and explains through actual impact examples how these incidents affect us globally. 

SASE Explained 

Ken Wisniewski, Sr. Cybersecurity Solutions Architect

A break down of the typical approaches, components and capabilities offered by SASE and how they impact an organization’s cybersecurity architectures.

Ken Wisnieski_CURIO April 2021
Bob Livingstone_CURIO April 2021

So You're Thinking Cloud?

Bob Livingstone , Director of Cloud Engineering

How to start and some of the common challenges to conquer.

The Year of Technology Resilience

Doug Close, Sr. Vice President of Solutions

Organizational resilience is now more important than ever. We will explore the hierarchy of needs model and how it can help prioritize information technology initiatives for your company.

Doug Close_CURIO April 2021
Patrick Benson_CURIO April 2021

DR Solutions Are Not BC Plans

Patrick Benson, Sr. Solutions Architect for Business Continuity

You’ve invested in a wonderful solution that fully automates failover from production to a  Disaster Recovery (DR) facility or service, but do you have a complete Business Continuity (BC) plan?

Objectify your Storage!

Stephen Johnson, Data Center Solutions Architect

Hear about use cases and features built into modern object storage that go beyond S3 buckets and low-cost Scalability.

Stephen Johnson_CURIO April 2021

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