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Wednesday, April 28th | 2:00PM - 4:30PM ET
Through expert-led sessions, #CURIO provides new insights and unique perspectives on building and securing enterprise IT. Access engineering resources on a wide variety of trending IT topics and discover ways to better leverage technology and advance better business outcomes.

What to Expect

Free to attend, #CURIO offers a concise format of virtual sessions covering topics like cloud, business continuity, infrastructure, and enterprise security.




Speakers & Topics

SASE Explained
Ken Wisniewski
Sr. Cybersecurity Solutions Architect
So You're Thinking Cloud - Azure?
Bob Livingstone
Director of Cloud Engineering
Supply Chain Security
John Linkous
Sr. Cybersecurity Consultant
DR Solutions Are Not BC Plans
Patrick Benson
Sr. Solutions Architect for Business Continuity

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History of #Curio

When #Curio was founded, we thought of all the ways technology can bring us together and how they can positively help other businesses. With technology constantly evolving, we have to find ways to learn and grow with it. #Curio was designed to maintain that curiosity and provide a way to keep others interested and engaged through learning. A deep curiosity for technology drives innovation, and #Curio helps let the technology serve the curiosity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is #Curio?

    #CURIO is a Sayers founded, technology summit that was created to provide resources and expertise around timely technology and industry topics.

  • Who do I contact about event logistics?

    Our marketing team is a great resource for any logistical help you may need. They can help you with logging in and attending the event. Click here to send the team an email and someone from the marketing team will help assist you.

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