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Business Continuity Maturity Assessment


Sayers offers an assessment designed to measure an organization's Business Continuity Maturity.



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Assess the maturity of your Business Continuity Program in comparison to sections of the ISO22301 Standard. Our report will provide the results of that scoring, along with recommendations of where additional attention could improve your Business Continuity Program.


Additionally, some internal processes may be identified as an issue or as an area for improvement. The overall assessment will be performed using an internal Sayers survey tool, which examines seven different areas of Business Continuity.  

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Prevention is the first line of defense against any type of breach, specifically ransomware. A prevention strategy might include anything from human behavior, identity & access management, to an extensive set of security policies.


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If the unthinkable happens and a breach does occur, early detection can mean the difference between just an incident or being covered on the 6 o’clock news. Consistent and thorough evaluation of all threat detection technology and processes is a necessity.

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So, what’s next? How do you identify a breach? Can you manage reputation? Response goes far beyond your standard monitoring and alerts. Company-wide incident response plans should be in place and rehearsed to address containment and eradication of a breach.





Lastly, we review the recovery strategy. Whether it’s data or financial recovery, your ability to protect organizational assets and continue to operate your business in spite of a breach is critical, not just to a successful incident mitigation strategy, but, for your survival.


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About the Assessment


The assessment will include interviews with internal stakeholders to determine the level of preparation the business has completed each of the following areas:


Define BCP Scope, Objectives, and Stakeholders


Conduct a BIA to determine acceptable RTOs and RPOs


Create a Recovery Workflow


Establish a BCMS to govern and improve your BCP

Crisis Management

BCP Testing

BCP Documentation Change Management

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