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We offer decades of experience in technology solutions, combined with in-depth knowledge of the latest industry advances.


    Sayers Overview

    Sayers Capability Statement

    Sayers creates the perfect fusion of personalized IT solutions designed to meet the exact needs of your business. We believe success starts by building strong relationships with our clients that are founded on trust, honesty, and respect. With those relationships in place, our team of engineers applies their knowledge and experience to diagnose a problem, design and build the appropriate strategy, and manage the implementation process to completion.




    Line Cards

    These line cards list out our partnerships organized by the different types of technologies that they offer.

    IT Infrastructure Partners

    Sayers is experienced in helping clients assess, architect, and deploy IT infrastructure such as servers, storage, networking, virtualization, backups, and disaster recovery.



    Cybersecurity Partners

    At Sayers, we understand the unique challenges that you face, and we help you balance the need for security and productivity to identify the most appropriate and effective solution for your business.





    Aruba ClearPass Workshop

    Our experts are here to aid and educate your ClearPass Policy Management Platform experience. Our experts have deployed ClearPass to many organizational environments. Sayers will bring a tailored workshop to you, with our expert reviewing your existing ClearPass configuration, compare best practices, and discuss recommendations based on real-world experiences.



    Breach and Attack Simulation

    Sayers, partnered with SafeBreach, is offering a free breach and attack assessment to put your security tools to the test.

    Our “safe” assessment will run through the largest hacker’s playbook, validate security across the full kill chain and provide actionable results with no impact to your production environment.



    Cyber Defense Framework Assessment

    Sayers Cyber Defense Framework Assessment is designed to provide our clients with a high level, objective look into their security program and posture.



    Cybersecurity Cloud Services

    Moving workloads securely to the cloud is challenging and usually cannot be secured effectively with legacy and traditional security solutions. Leverage Sayers expertise to assist with your organization’s cloud security approach and strategy. 



    Cybersecurity LifeCycle Services

    Sayers LifeCycle Services provides expert resources to augment your staff and proactively enhance your cybersecurity posture. This cost-effective, streamlined and preemptive approach will free up current cybersecurity staff to focus on other business requirements and reduce the burden of ongoing cybersecurity system maintenance.



    Data Protection Assessment Services

    Sayers provides organizations services to assess their overall data protection. Sayers will evaluate, build, implement and maintain processes and technologies to help meet regulatory requirements. Many of the services we provide also help organizations address the needs of other data privacy regulations around the globe.



    Endpoint Security Assessment

    Traditional End Point Security solutions are not effectively providing protection against Malware and need to be either upgraded, replaced or augmented with new methods. Sayers continues to invest in collecting End Point Security data and partnering with the right product technologies. A Sayers End Point Security assessment will help reduce testing and research needed to meet your organizations business needs faster.



    Enterprise Firewall Health Assessment

    Sayers Enterprise Firewall Health Assessment provides a proactive approach to assess your firewall infrastructure. Organizations are struggling to keep up with the required expertise for ongoing maintenance and care of complex security environments, while at the same time reacting to more tactical business requirements. We will work with your team to obtain secure access to your firewall and management infrastructure. We will review and analyze the configuration, health and log data for vendor best practices and recommendations. A report card will be delivered highlighting areas of potential risks and optimization.



    iGel Endpoint POC Service

    The free Proof of Concept (POC) Service is designed to provide clients the opportunity to test the IGEL Endpoint OS software and UMS (Management Suite). The POC will arm your team with the information needed to make a fully informed decision on your endpoint strategy.



    Network Visibility and Risk Assessment

    The Sayers Visibility and Risk Assessment is a nonintrusive offering that will allow your organization to quickly and accurately gain visibility into areas where your legacy technology cannot. To perform our analysis, we deploy a non-intrusive appliance(s) within the network to monitor the application traffic traversing the Internet gateway. At the end of the data collection period, a comprehensive report is created. This deliverable provides an analysis of application traffic, overall security risk and related business risk. The report closes with a detailed look at how effective an organization’s existing technologies are at supporting and enforcing its computing policy.



    SSL Visibility Proof of Concept

    Sayers provides swift visibility into encrypted traffic quickly with zero impact to the production network. Using our knowledge of the SSL Visibility market, we can create a test lab where the latest and greatest SSL visibility technologies are evaluated. Sayers generates network traffic, then decrypts this traffic using multiple scenarios and multiple network security devices.



    Storage Assessment

    Our storage and cloud engineers can assess your current data storage landscape and better understand your strategy for adoption of public cloud. We will then deliver a tailored storage strategy encompassing traditional, software-defined, and public cloud storage technologies.





    Covid-19 Checklist

    In an effort to provide you a starting point, our team has developed this guide to direct your evaluation of current systems and gauge your organization’s ability to scale during this shift in operations. The checklist will also help identify potential gaps in your current environment and lay the groundwork for future improvements.