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Hybrid Cloud Security

Sayers offers Trend Micro Cloud One, a security services platform for organizations building in the cloud. Cloud One delivers comprehensive hybrid cloud security in a single solution, enabling you to simply secure your cloud infrastructure.


Partnered with Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, Sayers offers all-in-one solutions for hybrid cloud security to combat the challenges of complex environment security.


Transitioning to the Cloud

As companies begin to utilize the cloud, it tends to look more like a transition rather than an immediate roll over. Hybrid or multi-cloud environments have become normal with physical, virtual, and cloud workloads. As organizations strive for optimized cloud usage while meeting compliance, it can become difficult to secure such a complex environment.

Security Simplified

Trend Micro Cloud One houses a broad set of services wrapped in a single platform to reduce the common complexities faced with cloud security.

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Flexibility for cloud architects

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Automation to scale with speed

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All-in-one for simplicity

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Trend Micro Cloud One Services

Workload Security

Runtime protection for workloads (virtual, physical, cloud, and containers).

Container Security

Image Scanning in your build pipeline.

File Storage Security

Security for cloud file and object storage services.

Application Security

Security for serverless functions, APIs, and Applications.


Cloud Security Posture Management.

Network Security

Cloud network layer IPS security.

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