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Curio December

#CurioDecember 2021

Virtual Tech Summit


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Our speakers have created concisely formatted sessions covering cybersecurity predictions of 2022 and how to prepare for the new year ahead. At the bottom of the screen you can find a way to connect with our speakers.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Learning from the Enemy: A Look Inside the Techniques of Ocean Lotus/APT 32

Brian Robison

Vice President, Solutions Strategy at BlackBerry-Cylance

Brian Robison explains the urgency of protecting your environment from ransomware as ransomware is becoming more sophisticated than ever.

Cybersecurity Predictions Panel

Sayers Engineers

Watch our Sayers Engineers lead an interactive panel discussing all cybersecurity predictions of 2022.

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HubSpot Video

Building a Modern SOC

Brad Taylor
CEO of Proficio

Brad Taylor explains how using a Security Operations Center (SOC) is the best way to stay ahead of cybercriminals, and how different models help different organizations.

Supply Chain 2022 & How to Succeed

Lisa Anderson
Founder and President of LMA Consulting Group Inc.

Lisa Anderson talks about the current state of the supply chain, impacts for 2022, and what executives should expect and how to prepare for success in 2022.


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CURIO December

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