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#CurioAugust 2021

Virtual Tech Summit


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Our engineers have created concisely formatted sessions covering new and unique ways to build and securing enterprise IT. At the bottom of the screen, you can access all the presentations from this #CURIO event, as well as find a way to connect with our speakers.

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Managing Human Risk

Lance Spitzner

Director, SANS Security Awareness

Lance Spitzner explains and identifies what human risk is, and what to measure and how. He provides the three key steps to building a strategic plan and how to effectively manage it.

Privileged Access Management, Now More Than Ever

Joe Schnell, Sr. Cybersecurity Architect

Joe Schnell discusses how recent technology changes require a shift in strategy, specifically focused on privileged access, and how identity strategies can improve your cybersecurity resilience.

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Immutable Storage and Ransomware

Patrick Benson, Sr. Solutions Architect for Business Continuity

Patrick Benson explains how the massive growth in data and increased amount of ransomware attacks make immutable storage a high priority solution for fortifying your last line of defense.

Q & A Panel: 'Moving to a Secure Cloud'

Three of our industry leading experts on architecting and securing the cloud answer relative questions on moving to the cloud. They touch on industry leading topics and answer your most pressing questions on cloud security.

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