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#CurioApril 2022

Virtual Tech Summit


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Our speakers have created concisely formatted sessions covering topics such as business continuity and disaster recovery. At the bottom of the screen you can find a way to connect with our speakers.

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Resiliency Transformed

Kevin Finch, MBA MBCI

Sr. Business Continuity Architect

Kevin Finch relays the most important messages and tips from the Disaster Recovery Journal Spring Conference as well as giving his own input on business resiliency.

Expert Panel: How Business Continuity Touches Everything

Sayers Engineers & Special Guests

Watch our Sayers Engineers lead an interactive panel discussing all things business continuity.

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HubSpot Video

Bridging the CAASM

Chris Cochran, Creative Director of Media at Axonius & Producer/Host of the Award-Winning Hacker Valley Studio Podcast

Chris goes in depth on all things CAASM including what is driving its adoption and an approach to help!


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